Blue & red Queensland heeler dog and puppies

Queensland heeler

Let us look in to the details of Queensland heeler dog. Queensland heeler dog is a short-coated medium-sized dog originally bred in Australia for herding cattle over long distances. They are also known as Australian Cattle dog, Blue Heeler, or Red Heeler. Queensland heeler got its name heeler from its habit of nipping the heels … Read more

12 Popular Shepherd dogs | Herding breeds

Shepherd Dog

Herding Shepherd dogs have been bred and raised since long. Who are the Shepherd dogs? Shepherd dogs are types of working dogs used by humans for herding the flock of animals. They are also called “Sheepdogs”. They can either be pure dog breeds recognized by the kennels or the popular cross dog breeds bred for … Read more

Lion Dog | 6 Dogs That Look Like Lions

Lion dog

Lion Dog! An interesting thought to check the dog breeds who looks like Lion. The ones who could be large or have a mane that makes them more Lionish than others. Let us have a quick look at the dogs that look like Lion. Leonberger Leonberger dogs were bred in the Leonberg town of Germany. … Read more

German Shepherd Husky mix | Shepsky | Complete guide

German Shepherd Husky mix

German Shepherd Husky mix or Shepsky are medium to large dogs bred by crossbreeding two quite popular dog breeds German Shepherd and Husky. They are intelligent, strong and agile having a wolf like appearance. With the mix of two great dogs, Shepsky inherits qualities of both the dogs. German Shepherd Husky mix is a very … Read more

10 most popular Japanese dog breeds

Japanese dog breeds

Japanese love animals and many Japanese dog breeds are revered as National treasures. A couple of Japanese dog breeds Akita Inu and Shiba Inu are quite popular and are being bred in the USA as well. Other Japanese dogs are rare and found mostly in Japan only. Let us have a look at the popular … Read more

10 most popular Wrinkle Dogs with cute droopy faces

wrinkle dogs

It is not uncommon to see wrinkle dogs like bulldogs or pugs with their droopy faces. We humans don’t like wrinkles on us but cuteness quotient increases with the wrinkles on the dogs. We just fall in love with these wrinkly dogs. What are the popular Wrinkle dogs? Popular wrinkly dogs that amaze us by … Read more

Can dogs eat tomatoes? Are Tomatoes Safe For Dogs?

can dog eat tomato

Tomatoes! Round red juicy and delicious veggie that we all love but can dogs eat tomatoes? Yes, dogs can eat fully ripe tomatoes in moderation. Care should be taken not to give him the unripe green tomato. This may have Solanine or Tomatine which is harmful to dogs. Tomatoes are a very popular vegetable found … Read more