English bulldog mastiff | Bullmastiff – size and temperament

English bulldog mastiff

Looking for English bulldog mastiff mix. So let us first understand what an English bulldog mastiff mix is? English Bulldog Mastiff mixes are large-sized dogs known as Bullmastiffs that were bred by English hunters as guard dogs for their estates. They have a broad head, solid build, and a dominating presence. Bulldog Mastiff mix or … Read more

Beautiful Husky Poodle mix | Siberpoo | Huskydoodle puppies

Husky Poodle mix

So what is a Husky Poodle mix? Husky poodle mix, a medium-sized dog, is an offspring of very popular purebred breeds Siberian Husky and Poodle. They are also called as Huskypoo, Siberpoo, Huskydoodle or Poosky. As the popularity of designer dogs increased, someone thought of creating a mix of heavy shedder Siberian Husky and hypoallergenic … Read more

New Guinea singing dogs | Rarest dog breed

new guinea singing dog

A dog that can sing, yes New Guinea singing dogs can howl in unique vocalizations which can out do the opera singers. New Guinea Singing dog are wild dogs originating from the island of New Guinea. They are considered the oldest and rarest of the breeds of dogs. These dogs are also known as New … Read more

Sheepadoodle | Sheepadoo | dog breed information


Looking for a cute looking dog; Sheepadoodle will certainly ring the bell in your heart. They are also known as Sheepapoo. Sheepadoodle is a mix of two very popular breeds, old English Sheep Dog and Poodle. They are not pure bred so it is not registered by American Kennel Club (AKC) of USA. In around … Read more

Swedish Elkhound Dog Breed | Jamthund | Information

Swedish Elkhound

Swedish Elkhound is a medium sized spitz type of dog found in the northern Scandinavian region of Europe. They are also known as Jamthund or Moosehound. It derives its name Jamthund from the Jamtland region of Sweden. As the name Elkhound or moose hound suggests, they were bred for hunting the deer. They have wolf … Read more

Shikoku dog breed | All you need to know

Shikoku dog

Shikoku dog is a Japanese breed of dog from the Shikoku island of Japan from where it derives its name. It is quite intelligent, versatile and known for its hunting skills. It belongs to Spitz family of dogs. Shikoku Inu is one of the six native Japanese breeds of dogs. It is a medium sized … Read more

American Akita dog breed – temperament & appearance

American Akita

American Akita are heavy-boned large and powerful dogs that may look intimidating but also are very loyal to their owners. They are smart and confident dogs. Though American Akita has America in the name they originated in Japan. They were used to guard the nobility apart from hunting the wild boars and bears. Check out … Read more

Can dogs eat Shrimp and its tail?

can dog eat shrimp

Can dogs eat shrimp? Is Shrimp safe for dogs? Yes, dogs can eat shrimp provided it is cooked and if consumed in moderation. Most dogs can eat the human food and shrimp is no exception. Shrimp is one of the scrumptious delicacies that most love to eat and the most popular sea food in United … Read more

Can dog eat cabbage? Health Benefits

Can dog eat cabbage

Yes Dog can eat cabbage but in moderation. Cabbage is one of the healthiest of the vegetable having many healthy benefits. Though it is not so tasty unless you cook it, or may be serve along with mayo or have it in salad. But some dogs do like the same and it has so many … Read more

Are poodles hypoallergenic?


Yes, Poodles are hypoallergenic having a non shedding coat and hence are good for folks allergic to dogs. Approximately 10% of USA population is allergic to dogs. Hence these days hypoallergenic dogs are quite popular. Hypoallergenic dogs like Poodle are the ones that do not shed much. An interesting fact, people are not allergic to … Read more