30 Dogs that do not shed – Big, medium and small


Looking for dogs that do not shed !! Disturbed with dogs’ hair everywhere!! Or are you allergic to dogs but just love them and so looking for small, medium, or big dogs that do not shed or are hypoallergenic. Dogs are our best companions. Anyone who is a proud dog owner won’t disagree. Not only … Read more

Why is my Dog Licking and chewing his Feet?

dog licking feet

It is normal for dogs to lick their feet, though as pet owners, we should be watchful if they are licking their feet excessively. We all know how troublesome it is sometimes to cleanse and bathe our dog. Most of them don’t like bathing as much as we do and they do grooming by licking … Read more

Can dog eat banana and its peels?

can dog eat banana

Is it safe for my dog to eat banana? We always have this confusion. Right? While the short answer is Yes, your dog can eat banana in moderation. Though like any other thing in this world, excess of every thing is bad, so excess of banana would also not be good for your loving pet. … Read more