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new guinea singing dog

A dog that can sing, yes New Guinea singing dogs can howl in unique vocalizations which can out do the opera singers.

New Guinea Singing dog are wild dogs originating from the island of New Guinea. They are considered the oldest and rarest of the breeds of dogs.

These dogs are also known as New Guinea Wild DogsNew Guinea Highland Dogs or Singing Dogs for their unique vocalization skills.

They are very rare to see now a days even in New Guinea and its wilderness. There are approximately only about 100 of these domesticated dogs in the world so if you are looking to own a rare dog breed, this one would make a difficult prize.


It is believed that Singing Dogs originated from Asia and migrated in New Guinea island and Australia. Singing dogs habituated the high mountainous regions and became agile and smaller. Whereas the Australian Dingo became larger with the availability of the food in Australia.

Experts suggest that this is the most primitive of all dog breeds with strains dating as back as 30,000 years old. Scientist found a tooth of a dog believed to be of Singing dog in the Papua region of New Guinea which dates back to 5,500 years old. This is the oldest specimen of fossil of any dog!

Unique trait – Singing

Singing Dogs have a small uvula-like structure at the back of their soft palate. This helps them to howl many typical vocalizations including a special type of howl which include extreme frequency modulation generally not heard in other dogs.

New Guinea singing dogs are popular for their unique singing trait as this is something rare and they are really good in the same. When one singing dog starts to howl (sing), he is generally joined by the pack.

New Guinea Singing dogs
source: Flickr

Physical Looks and Characteristics

New Guinea Singing dogs are small to medium sized dog having fox like appearance. They look quite similar to Australian Dingo and Basenji. Though they are around 1/3rd in size of Australian Dingo. They have shorter legs and broad head with wide cheek bones.

Singing Dogs have short double coat which is typically of tan or golden red color with some white markings. They don’t need much of grooming as they self clean themselves.

Height: 16 to 18 inches

Weight: Average weight is around 25 pounds

Lifespan: New Guinea Singing dogs live a long life averaging 15 to 20 years.

They inhabited the mountains and have very flexible limbs and spine which makes them ideal to live in high land elevated forests.

Eyes of singing dogs are quite reflective that helps them to see better at dusk.

New Guinea singing dogs as Family Dogs

Though since long they have been classified as domesticated dogs, there is still a lot of debate on whether they are domestic or wild dogs. With a recent genetic testing suggesting them to be wild.

New Guinea singing dogs are not recommended as a family dog specially for families with children. While they are intelligent and with persuasive training and socialization from birth can be a companion dog; still you cannot trust them as they are intelligent independent dogs who can live on their own.

They have hunting traits and eat marsupials, rodents and birds while in the wild of New Guinea. Their hunting drive is very strong and can undo any training. They are quite dangerous to small pets.

New Guinea singing dogs are also not watch dogs as they can get along with strangers as well. They are considered bark less and bark seldom.

singing dog
Source: Flickr

New Guinea Singing Dogs – A rare Breed

New Guinea Singing dogs are a very rare breed. They inhabit in the high lands of New Guinea Islands. Due to the difficult terrain, they were hard to find. Also villagers in that area do not use them as pet watch dog as they have very hard prey drive and cannot be trusted with small animals specially chickens.

Slowly the breed mixed with western dogs and cross breeds became more popular. Now a days pure breed of New Guinea Dogs is almost extinct.

There are some societies which are formed for the conservation of them like


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