English bulldog mastiff

English bulldog mastiff | Bullmastiff – A complete guide

English Bulldog Mastiff mix are large sized dogs known as Bullmastiff who bred by English hunters as guard dogs for their estates. They have broad head, solid build and a dominating presence.

Bulldog Mastiff mix got the size from the English Mastiff who were large but not aggressive enough. And the firm, agile & brave attitude from the old English Bull Dog.

Bulldog Mastiff mix are silent dogs and hence bark rarely. They are very brave, confident and loyal to their family.



They were originally bred around 1860’s by mixing Old English Bull dog (now extinct) and English Mastiff to have the perfect large and courageous dog with agility to catch the poachers.

They soon became quite popular among the gamekeepers (professional hunters who used to play games and have dog shows) and were known as Gamekeeper’s Night-Dog.

In the early 20th century, they were started to be bred as a pure breed with the name of Bullmastiff. This was registered as a pure breed in 1934 by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

English Bulldog Mastiff – Temperament

English Bulldog Mastiff is a fearless and confident dog who is loyal to his owner. They have natural instincts of a protector. They don’t bark much and hence are also called as “Silent dogs”.

Bullmastiffs will stand firm to the strangers and protect at the same time they are quite loving and affectionate to the family.

Bulldog mastiff mix can be aggressive to other dogs specially males and can injure them. They should be socialized and trained early.

Once grown up, they can live the day alone if both parents are out at office. They don’t have much of exercise requirement as well. They also do not shed much and are apartment friendly dogs if properly trained.

Bullmastiff – Physical Characteristics

English Bulldog Mastiff mix is strong and muscular dog having broad head. They have a short dense coat and shed less. They typically come in Brindle, Fawn or Red color.

A full grown English Bulldog Mastiff can grow to a height of 25 to 27 inches with weight averaging around 110 to 130 pounds. They have a relatively short life expectancy of 7 to 9 years.

English bulldog mastiff

English bulldog mastiff as family dog

English bulldog Mastiff or BullMastiff is a large, muscular dog. They are quite loyal and protect his family with a natural instinct of being the guardian of the home.

Bullmastiffs don’t bark much and are also called as “Silent Watchdog”. They don’t need much of an exercise and love to lie down on the couch. Once grown, they can be good if left alone for some time for a family at work. Thus they do good as Apartment friendly dogs.

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Though there is some thing you should know about them before making your mind, they are heavy droolers. So if you can’t imagine yourself wiping then this may not be the dog for you.

Further, you should be cautious if you are having small children or pets at your home. Kids may not be mature enough to treat this large dog with respect and as with any large dog, care should be taken.

With pets as well like cats they may sometimes go with their instincts and chase them subverting the training and hence if your have pets, you may avoid him.

If you have made up your mind and looking for a very loyal, couch friendly large dog then this is a great protective companion for the family.

Bull Mastiff
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Care required


Bullmastiffs are recommended to have high quality dog food that should be light in calorie as they might get over weight. Take the advise of the vet who can advise based on the age, size and build of the dog.


English Bulldog Mastiffs doesn’t shed much. Their dense and short coat is easy to clean by brushing. Regular brushing will help to make the bonding between you and him.

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Bullmastiffs would enjoy daily exercise. They are not for folks who would like to have a running companion but would be great for those who enjoy strolling.


Bullmastiffs need to be trained and socialized with other humans and pets since puppies. This is because of they being independent dogs.


English Bulldog Mastiffs is generally a healthy breed but may suffer from some common dog health issues. They should be screened for cardiac issues, hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism and few eye problems.

They may also develop cancer or bloat. Hence exercise just after food should be avoided.

bulldog mastiff mix

Interesting fact about Bullmastiff origin

In a dog show in 1901, Mr. Burton of Thorneywood Kennels, challenged that if any one can escape the dog which he has brought, he will win a prize of Pound one, a good sum of money in those days.

An experienced man took that challenge for some harsh consequences. Despite him being given a head start, he was chased and knocked down by the dog three times. This increased the popularity of the English Bulldog Mastiffs.

Famous English Bulldog Mastiffs

Sylvester Stallone adopted a Bullmastiff named Butkus when he was six weeks old.

Pros and Cons of English Bulldog Mastiffs

Require less maintenancethough they don’t shed mush but drools a lot. Prepare to clean the floor often.
An excellent Guard dogprone to heat exhaustion

English bulldog mastiff mix parentage

Bullmastiffs are cross breeds of large English mastiffs and firm, agile old English Bulldogs. Let us also explore briefly about them.

English Mastiff:

English Mastiff or Mastiff are known for their massive size and muscular body. They can become larger than the humans. Though great danes can be slightly longer but mastiffs like English Mastiffs outdo when it comes to size.

They usually weigh around 150 to 250 pounds but few can reach upto a massive weight of 300 pounds or more. Thus they are not the dogs for novice or first time owners.

Old English Bulldog:

Old English Bull dogs are extinct now. They used to be broad, agile, muscular and confident dogs averaging around 15 inches in height. They were revered for the fights and frequently participated in the English blood sport of bull-baiting.

With the passage of the Animal Cruelty bill in year 1835 and cross breeds with terrier and mastiffs becoming more popular this breed started to decline and eventually got extinct.


Is Bullmastiff a good family dog?

Bullmastiffs are gentle and good natured with the family and are good as family dogs though they are not recommended for families having small children.

Is Bullmastiff dangerous?

Bullmastiff are large, strong and powerful dog. If they are not trained properly, they can become very aggressive specially to dogs of same sex.

Is Bullmastiff a good guard dog?

Yes, Bullmastiff are excellent guard dogs. They are gentle and loving with the family but can be very protective of their family.

How big does a Bullmastiff grow?

A full grown English Bulldog Mastiff can grow to a height of 25 to 27 inches with weight averaging around 110 to 130 pounds.

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