Can Dogs Eat Beans? Black, Lima, Pinto, soybeans or Kidney

Can dogs eat beans like Black, Lima, Pinto, soybeans or Kidney? Let’s check it out.

Beans are a great food for humans particularly vegetarians as a replacement of meat for protein. How about dogs? Well short answer is yes dogs can eat most of the beans but in moderation and you should be aware of the below details before going ahead.

Beans are a rich source of many nutrients like vitamins, potassium, iron and magnesium etc apart from protein but like any other thing in the world, excess of beans is also not good for dogs. There are also few types of beans that can make your dog sick and hence should be avoided.

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Let’s first understand the benefits of beans to dogs.

Benefits of Beans for dogs

Protein: Hands down, if you ask us, beans are one of the best source of protein and calories if you are not opting for meat or grains.

Anti Oxidants: Beans are a rich source of anti oxidants. Anti oxidants play a major role in your dog’s health. They help in protecting from the harmful effects of free radicals in the body.

Fiber: Beans also has fiber which is vital for healthy digestive system of the dog. It helps preventing constipation and proper bowel movements. Fiber also helps in regulating the blood sugar of the dog.

Essential Nutrients: Beans have many essential nutrients like vitamin B, potassium, magnesium, iron, folate, and phytonutrients. 

  • Potassium helps in muscle and bone growth.
  • Vitamin A keeps the eyes and heart healthy.
  • Vitamin K helps in better healing ability
  • Vitamin C helps in keeping your dog immune.
  • Iron helps in building up of red blood cells.

Which type of beans can your dog eat?

Your dog can eat the below types of popular beans.

  • Black beans
  • Lima beans
  • Kidney beans
  • Pinto beans
  • Soybeans

The beans which should be avoided are: –

  • Baked beans – They are typically high in sugar and come along with tomato, onions and garlic which can upset the stomach of the dog.
  • Canned beans – Avoid any type of canned beans as they contain chemicals, preservatives and additives. They are also high in sodium which is not good for dogs.
  • Chilli beans – It may become a cause of stomach upset as they contain spices. They can be slightly toxic for dogs.
  • Coffee beans – They should be strictly avoided as they are toxic to dogs and can cause neurological damage.
  • Red kidney beans – Contain a toxin dangerous to dog and should be avoided.
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What about green beans? Are they safe for dogs?

Green beans are good for dogs when consumed in moderation. They are high in protein and low in calorie. They are a type of beans that can be given raw as well.

So you must be wondering why we didn’t keep it in the list above. Technically, it is a vegetable and not a bean as commonly referred. Any ways for your dog, it is quite fine for him to eat green beans.

Things to consider

While beans definitely packs a bunch with their nutritional values but they should be avoided in excess. It can be gassy for dogs as like with humans if consumed in excess.

As mentioned above baked beans and canned beans should be avoided while coffee beans are a strict no as they could be lethal.

How to serve bean to dogs?

Except for the green beans, which can be consumed raw, other beans should be boiled or cooked with oil (olive would be best). Though cooking decreases the nutrients inside but helps in making the beans more fit for consumption.

Avoid any seasonings when you serve the beans. You can mix the boiled or cooked beans with the meat if your dog likes the same.

So yes dogs can eat most of the beans in moderation.

Note: Check with your vet for the serving size as it is based on factors like breed, age, size etc.

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