How to stop dog shedding? Home remedies

Looking for home remedies to stop dog shedding! All dogs shed. Some shed more and some may shed less.

It is normal for dogs to shed old hairs and the amount of shedding depends on the breed and health of dogs. This could be difficult for someone who is allergic or to carry your dog hairs on you everywhere.

But if you notice that dog is shedding a lot more than normal and you see some patches, then it could be the case that he is under stress or having some health issue. This could as well be because of poor nutrition. Other reasons could be skin infection, fleas, sun burn, pregnancy, allergies etc.

Let us now look at some home remedies which can help you in reducing the amount of dog shedding.


Give your dog good quality food that is suitable for him. Good quality food manufacturers try to keep the best nutrients but be cautious that your dog may be allergic to some. Hence you should try and check which food is best for him that helps in less shedding.


Fish home remedy to stop dog shedding

Fish are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This helps dog in keeping good coat health. And you see shiny beautiful coat which shed less. So if you see fish suits your dog, it can aid in stopping dog shedding to certain extent. This is one of the easiest home remedy for stopping dog shedding.



If for some reason, fish is not suitable, you can buy the food supplements rich in Omega-fatty acids. It is best to check with Vet first on which one to use and the quantity that is safe to be given to your canine.

Olive oil

Olive oil - home remedy to stop dog shedding

Olive oil also have Omega-3 fatty acids. Adding a table spoon of olive oil to the meal helps maintaining the coat health. It reduces the skin irritation, allergies, dandruff and shedding. And you will see your pooch in shiny coat. This is another easy home remedy to reduce dog shedding.


As per the breed of the dog, dogs shed more in some seasons. Mostly it is the cold winter before the spring when they shed more. A good idea would be to brush them regularly during that time so that you catch the old, dead hairs in the brush before it is shed. It also helps build the bonding between you and him.

Regular Bathing

Regular bathing is also a good way to keep your dog’s coat clean, remove the old, dead hairs and keep him healthy. Use the right shampoo for the same. Check with Vet on what could be best though oatmeal based shampoo may help in reducing the shedding.

Blow drying

While dogs will shake and get rid of the water. It is a good idea to blow dry the water at the minimum heat after you have towel dried him. This also helps in further removing the old dead hairs and hence reduce the amount of dog shedding.


Keep your dog hydrated. So always keep the water bowl full. Thus when ever he is thirsty, he can sip and satisfy the thirst. Dehydration results in dry skin which increases the shedding.


It is a good idea to vacuum the coat regularly so that it catches the dead old hair. Using the hand held dryer is a good idea as it is easier to do the same.

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