Do Pugs shed? Are Pugs hypoallergenic?

Do Pugs shed?

Do Pugs shed? Yes they do. Pugs are heavy shedders who shed profusely through out the year.

Pugs are cute little dogs having distinctive features like wrinkly short muzzle and curly tail. They have a short and shiny coat which is mostly fawn and seldom in black color. They originated in China during Han dynasty around 100 BC.

Pugs are intelligent dogs known for their humorous acts. They are fun loving and bond well with humans. They thrive in human company.

All dogs shed just as we humans do! It is part of the natural cycle of hair growth but Pugs go through this cycle much faster and hence shed a lot.

Why Pugs shed a lot?

Let us explore few reasons below to understand why Pugs do shed a lot.

  1. Most of the Pugs have double coat. The dogs that have double coat shed a lot specially during the time of year when their inner coat blows out. Most Pugs are fawn colored which have double coat. Black pugs are rare and mostly have single coat but they still shed a lot due to other factors.
  2. Pugs have a high hair density. Pugs have almost 600 hairs per square inch of their hair coat. This is almost three to six times compared to other dog breeds who have typically 100 to 200 hairs per square inch of hair coat.
  3. Pugs natural cycle of hair growth is much faster than other dogs. This combined with other factors make the pugs shed a lot of hairs.
Do Pugs shed?

Are Pugs Hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic dogs are the ones that do not cause allergy to humans. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, as much as 10% of the U.S. population is allergic to dogs.

Contrary to popular belief, humans are not allergic due to hairs that dogs shed but allergy is due to the dander and saliva. Dander are the flakes that come off from the dead skin of the dog. This is the most common allergen responsible for the allergy to the humans.

Allergic people have immune system that over reacts when they get in touch with dog’s dander or saliva.

So are Pugs Hypoallergenic? The answer is no. It is because :

  1. They do shed heavily and also cause lots of dander which is the cause of allergy to the allergy prone people.
  2. Pugs are brachycephalic breed. These breeds are the ones who are flat faced and have a short muzzle. Dogs of this breed will drool when overly heated. The saliva that comes out of this drooling can be the cause of allergy.

Looking for Hypoallergenic dogs


Factors that can impact shedding of pug hairs

  1. Nutrition – If the dog is not healthy due to not having nutritious food, typically he will shed more and will have a dull hair coat.
  2. Age – As the dog grows older than a year, he may shed more.
  3. Heating cycle – Female pugs that enter the heat cycle may shed a lot.
  4. Climate – Though pugs shed all year around, they shed profusely at times when their inner coat blows out.
  5. Type of coat – Pugs who have double coat (Fawn colored) shed more than the Black color Pugs who have a single coat.

How do you control Pugs from shedding a lot?

1. Nutritive food

Giving nutritive food to your pug will keep his coat healthy and magnificent. Foods like Fish and its supplements or Olive oil are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. This helps in keeping the hairs healthy and hence reducing the amount of shedding. Check out if your pug is not allergic to these foods before using them more often.

2. Bathing

Pugs should bathe every 2 – 4 weeks. If you bathe pug lesser then they would become smelly and dirty. Bathing more than required can lead to skin problems like dry skin. Take the advise of vet for the shampoo to be used. Though oatmeal based shampoos are considered to be better.

3. Brushing

Regular brushing not only helps in getting rid of the dead hairs but also creates a bonding between the pet owner and the pug. Once a day brushing can be really good to control the dead hairs falling off every where.

4. Vacuuming

How much you control the shedding of pug hairs, it is yet natural to lose and hence it cannot be 100%. To avoid any allergy it is best you vacuum the house regularly specially around the corners and below the heavy furniture. This would also keep your home healthy and clean.

5. Keeping your pug hydrated

Dehydrated dogs can shed more and hence it is advisable to keep the dog’s water bowl filled.

comic pug

About Pugs

Pugs are an old breed that originated from China. They are known for their witty humor and the bonding they make with the humans. They are small loyal dogs who have flat face. Due to this, they should not be left in high temperatures and should be kept under shade or best indoors.

Being intelligent, they can often be difficult to train but their mischievous tricks earn them the title of being the clown of the dogs world. They are your small loyal companions who can be naughty sometimes.

Pugs also have prominent eyes on their face and you should be careful as they are prone to eye injuries.

Pugs weigh approx 14 to 18 pounds and are generally 10 to 14 inches tall at the shoulder. The average lifespan of pug is around 12 to 15 years.



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