White Yorkie – Beautiful small dogs

White Yorkie

Don’t we all just love Yorkies but it would be rare if you would have seen a White Yorkie. White Yorkies are the Yorkshire Terriers that are white in color. Fully white Yorkies are quite rare and not recognized by major kennel clubs like AKC. Most of the time you will see Parti Yorkie which … Read more

Blue & red Queensland heeler dog and puppies

Queensland heeler

Let us look in to the details of Queensland heeler dog. Queensland heeler dog is a short-coated medium-sized dog originally bred in Australia for herding cattle over long distances. They are also known as Australian Cattle dog, Blue Heeler, or Red Heeler. Queensland heeler got its name heeler from its habit of nipping the heels … Read more

Newfoundland dog | Newfie | A gentle giant

Newfoundland dog

Newfoundland dog are very large fluffy dogs that originated in Newfoundland, Canada known for their sweet nature and swimming abilities. They were originally bred as working dogs for the fishermen. They are friendly family dogs who will be lethargic with in the house but would need his bit of exercise for being fit. Newfoundland dogs … Read more

Bullmastiff – Price, size, and temperament

English bulldog mastiff

Bullmastiffs are large dogs that were developed by crossbreeding two dogs with a division of 60 percent English Mastiffs and 40 percent old English Bull Dog. Bullmastiffs are large-sized dogs that were bred by English hunters as guard dogs for their estates. They have a broad head, solid build, and a dominating presence. These dogs … Read more

Amazing Facts about New Guinea singing dogs

new guinea singing dog

A dog that can sing, yes New Guinea singing dogs can howl in unique vocalizations which can outdo the opera singers. New Guinea Singing dogs are wild dogs originating from the island of New Guinea. They are considered the oldest and rarest of the breeds of dogs. These dogs are also known as New Guinea … Read more

Swedish Elkhound Dog Breed | Jamthund | Information

Swedish Elkhound

Swedish Elkhound is a medium sized spitz type of dog found in the northern Scandinavian region of Europe. They are also known as Jamthund or Moosehound. It derives its name Jamthund from the Jamtland region of Sweden. As the name Elkhound or moose hound suggests, they were bred for hunting the deer. They have wolf … Read more

Shikoku dog breed | All you need to know

Shikoku dog

Shikoku dog is a Japanese breed of dog from the Shikoku island of Japan from where it derives its name. It is quite intelligent, versatile and known for its hunting skills. It belongs to Spitz family of dogs. Shikoku Inu is one of the six native Japanese breeds of dogs. It is a medium sized … Read more

American Akita – Price, Lifespan and Temperament

American Akita

American Akita are heavy-boned large and powerful dogs that may look intimidating. They are also very loyal, smart, and confident dogs. Though American Akita has America in the name they originated in Japan. They were used to guard the nobility apart from hunting the wild boars and bears. American Akita in brief Size 26 – … Read more