How Much is a Dalmatian? Are They Easy to Find?

How much Dalmatian cost

If you have ever watched the movie ‘101 Dalmatians’, you would have noticed the beauty of a Dalmatian puppy. These medium to large-sized dogs are quite social and safe for families with children. But how much does Dalmatian puppy cost? Despite their ‘one of a kind coat’, they are not very expensive. Cost of buying a … Read more

How Big Do Beagles Get? Beagle Mix Sizes


The Beagle is a scent hound breed prized for tracking with their sense of smell in hunting games. Over the years, Beagles have transformed to become the perfect family companion. Much of this is attributed to the Beagle’s size. Being compact, streamlined, and active they transform to fit any household. They are one of the … Read more

Blue German Shepherd Dogs – 15 Amazing Facts

Blue German Shepherd

Did you know that a Blue German Shepherd Exists? Probably not, since it is rare but an appealing coat color. The blue German Shepherd dogs get all the awards for appearance but is not popular among people who want a working breed or a show dog. This is because many dog show organizers do not … Read more

How big do Husky get? 17 Popular Siberian Husky Mixes

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Huskies are quite popular dogs known for their wolf-like appearance. Over the years they have been crossed with other dog breeds to create Husky mixes that are smaller or larger in size. The full-grown Siberian Husky is a medium-sized dog breed. Males have a height of 21 to 23.5 inches and weigh 45 … Read more

Merle Labradoodles – Attractive Dogs With a Risk!

Merle Poodle

Merle Laradoodles are rare but they inherit the risks associated with this appealing coat. These dogs don’t come cheap and the merle gene raises a lot of questions in the Labradoodle community about their health and safety.  A Merle Labradoodle is one which bears a heterozygous merle gene (Mm). Labradoodle receives the merle gene when … Read more

Do Border Collies Like Water?

Border Collies Like Water

Water can be a dog’s nemesis. You may want to know if Border collie can swim or like water?  Border Collie can swim but whether he likes water depends on the mood of each dog. Some of the Border Collie dogs love to swim and cool off while others are not that enthusiastic about water!  … Read more

North American Mastiff – Amazing Facts

North American Mastiff

The North American Mastiff also goes by the name AM Mastiff. It is a pure dog breed that descends from the English Mastiff, a large fearsome dog with many tales about it. The difference between the English version and this dog is the face. North American Mastiff has a “drier mouth”. This means it drools … Read more

Lilac English Bulldog – Everything You Need to Know

Lilac English Bulldog

The English Bulldog comes in many colors and coat patterns, but a few tend to catch the attention of people. One particular color, the Lilac English Bulldog tends to gather a lot of attention and attract high prices! Lilac English Bulldogs are rare and this limited availability leads to very high prices! Are Lilac English Bulldogs … Read more

Size of Fully Grown Adult Border Collie & Border Collie Mixes


The Border Collie and its mix-breeds are attractive companions for people living outside urban areas. These loyal, intelligent, and energetic dogs are becoming increasingly popular in households around the USA. A fully grown Border Collie is medium in size. Males can grow to a height of 19 to 22 inches whereas females can grow to … Read more