Do German Shepherd Puppies Change Color?


Thinking about getting a German Shepherd puppy? Be aware the German shepherd Puppies change the color as they grow. Causes for coat color change in German Shepherd puppies could be genetics, natural coat molting, diseases, growth, diet, and stress. Even in adults, coat color can change. Reasons include diet, hormones, diseases, and aging.  German Shepherd … Read more

How Much Is A German Shepherd? Costs of Owning one

How Much Is A German Shepherd Costs of Owning one

The German Shepherd is a dog that finds admirers everywhere! But how much is a German Shepherd?  The average price tag of a German Shepherd is $1500 to $3000 that can even exceed $5000 in some cases. This is a higher price compared to other dogs, but a dog of good qualities does attract a higher … Read more

German Shepherd vs Rottweiler. Who would win?

German Shepherd vs Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a formidable dog and many people wonder if any dog comes close to the strength of this breed. One breed, in particular, comes to mind, the German Shepherd whose name we would associate with strength and power.  But in a show of power, would a German Shepherd kill a Rottweiler?  The Rottweiler … Read more

Do German Shepherds Howl? 7 Reasons For Howling

Do German Shepherds Howl?

The German Shepherd is indeed an appealing dog. But often prospective dog owners want to know the cons (if any) of owning a German Shepherd before adopting one. One particular question is “Do German Shepherds howl?” The truth is German Shepherds do howl! They can howl due to pain, separation anxiety, happiness, instinct, or seeking … Read more

Do German Shepherd Bite? How To Stop It?

Do German Shepherd Bite

The German Shepherd breed is renowned as one that is good at protecting its owners and their property. But, what people fail to mention is that this dog is also notorious for biting, not just intruders but his owners too!  Reasons, why a German Shepherd may bite, includes teething, fear, wanting attention, poor genetics and … Read more

Can German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes?

German Shepherds Blue Eyes

German Shepherds are among the most well-known dog breeds across the world. But can a purebred German Shepherd have blue eyes at all? Yes, Purebred German Shepherd puppies can have blue eyes, but they may stay the same or may change as they become an adult.  Is It Possible for German Shepherds to Have Blue … Read more