Is Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix a great Guard Dog?

Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix

The Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix dog is a designer dog that is developed by crossbreeding a purebred Australian dog with a purebred Great Pyrenees dog. They are also known as Great Aussie Pyrenees or Aussie Pyrenees. Having two medium to large shepherd dogs as his parents, Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix do well as … Read more

Are Jack Russell Terriers Hypoallergenic?

Are Jack Russell Terriers Hypoallergenic

Everyone loves dogs but for a few of us who are allergic to them, we look for hypoallergenic dogs. So, are Jack Russell Terriers Hypoallergenic? The answer is No. Jack Russells do shed moderately. Hence they may not be suitable for folks who are allergic to dogs. The Jack Russell Terrier is a mixed breed consisting … Read more

Is Doberman Rottweiler Mix too Aggressive? Complete Guide

Doberman Rottweiler mix

The Doberman Rottweiler mix popularly known as Rotterman is a hybrid of the two German dog breeds, Doberman Pinscher and Rottweiler. Both these dogs are large-sized who have been bred by humans as guard dogs. Doberman Rottweiler mix is confident, protective, loyal, and affectionate but can become aggressive if they think their family is in … Read more

Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix aka Pyrenees Pit

Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix

Great Pyrenees Pitbull Mix is developed by crossing two loyal, alert, and intelligent purebred dogs, the Great Pyrenees and the American Pitbull Terrier. Pyrenees pit, as they are often called, inherits the muscular body from the Pitbull and the attentiveness and an independent attitude from the Great Pyrenees. Pyrenees Pitbull Mix Specifications Specifications Height 21 … Read more

German Shepherd Beagle Mix – Ultimate guide

German Shepherd Beagle Mix

Two of the most loved companion dogs in the USA are the German Shepherd and the Beagle hound. Today we will look at the mix of both these amazing dog breeds known as the German Shepherd Beagle mix. As both parents reside within America’s top 10 favorite dogs and there is no doubt that this … Read more

Top 10 Rottweiler mixes that you must have a look

Rottweiler Mixes

Love the Rottweiler but think he is too aggressive for homes with children? Or would like to change the look a bit. You can have a look at Rottweiler mixes having a combination of Rottweiler and another dog breed. The genes are expected to be split 50/50 between the two dogs. Though choosing a mixed … Read more

Border Collie Great Pyrenees Mix – Size & Appearance

Border Collie Great Pyrenees mix

Love large cuddly energetic dog breeds? The Border Collie Great Pyrenees Mix dog is the one for you. Border Collie Great Pyrenees Mix as the name suggests is an offspring of Intelligent and agile border collie and gentle giants Great Pyrenees. They are becoming popular in the USA as an intelligent guard dog that also … Read more

Whippet Pitbull Mix – A complete guide

Whippet Pitbull mix

Let us have a look at a new designer crossbreed of Pitbull and Whippet. The Whippet Pitbull mix is a crossbreed of powerful Pitbull and racing dog Whippet. They are good companion dogs who are highly loyal and energetic. While they have a short coat and are easier to groom, you need to set time … Read more