Can dogs eat celery? Is celery safe for dogs?

Celery is full of nutrients. It is a healthy choice of snack for us humans but what about dogs. Can dogs eat Celery?

Yes, Dogs can eat celery in moderation. It contains a lot of nutrients that are healthy for dogs as a treat but not as a replacement of dog food.

Is Celery Good For Dogs?

Celery is packed with a lot of nutrients and in fact, sometimes vet also recommend the same (Vetstreet) for obesity management as weight loss treats.

Celery contains a very low amount of fat and cholesterol but it is also a rich source of fiber. Though it is best to consume in moderation.

Nutrients in Celery and their benefits to Dogs

Celery is good for dog consumption as it is for us humans. It is an excellent source of below nutrients.

Fiber – This aid in the bowel movements of the pooch and relieve constipation.

Vitamin A – It keeps dog’s skin and coat healthy.

Vitamin K – It helps in bone metabolism and blood clotting.

Vitamin C – Dogs can produce Vitamin C but for sick dogs, it can help in overall development of body tissues growth.

Phosphorus & calcium helps in keeping teeth and bones healthy.

Magnesium helps in muscular and neural functions.

It also helps in bad dog’s breath.

Celery has very low cholesterol and hence helps in keeping the heart healthy.

It also has anti oxidant properties so considered good food for avoiding cancer.

Celery is a natural diuretic, has lot of water and causes urine production. This flushes out toxins and promotes good health of your pet.

Why dogs can not eat celery as a dog food replacement?

Your dog is having all the nutrients from the dog food that he is eating so adding celery would not give lot of benefits but may also cause some issues like below if not given in moderation.

  • Most of celery is water and hence too much consumption of this may result in dog urinating more.
  • Too much Fiber in Celery can cause digestive issues.
  • Too much of Vitamin C can cause stones in Kidney and Bladder.
  • Celery can become a choking hazard if not given cooked or chopped.
  • Celery has sodium which if consumed in short term is passed with Urine but in longer term, may cause high blood pressure or Kidneys to over work.

Hence it is best to give celery as occasional treat.

Can Dogs Eat Celery Sticks?

Yes, just wash and cut the celery in to byte size pieces and use the same as a treat for the dog. It would not last long but can be a healthy, inexpensive and chew treat to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Celery Leaves?

Yes, dogs can eat Celery leaves as there is no ill effects reported by dog owners though should be avoided.

While researching on this topic, we found that many on internet have recommended not to give Celery leaves while some say it can be given.

Celery leaves have a bit of rough, peppy taste which may not be liked by your dog. Celery can also be infested with pesticides.

Most of it is said to be absorbed by the leave, thus you should look for organic produce and it should be washed thoroughly before consumption.

Leaves are rich in minerals and vitamins which can be good for any deficiencies.

Yet, there is no conclusive evidence or agreement yet so we suggest you should avoid the leaves till conclusive thoughts are made by the vet community on the same.

Can Puppies Eat Celery?

While fogs can safely consume celery, it is best to be having a safer approach with puppies. Consult your vet for initiating celery into his planned meal.

But if your puppy has eaten this as a one-off and does not suffer from any symptoms of diarrhea or another sickness, you are Ok.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Celery?

Yes dogs can eat cooked salary. Cooking the celery reduces the nutrient content inside the same but helps in digestion. So a balanced approach as per the need is recommended.

Things to watch out

  1. It is recommended to start celery in small amounts and check how your dog is reacting. It is not just with Celery but with any new food, start with a small portion and observe that it suite your canine.
  2. Always wash the celery thoroughly to remove any toxins on the same.
  3. Chop celery in small byte size so that choking risk is minimized.

About Celery

Celery (Apium graveolens) is a marshland plant in the family Apiaceae that has been cultivated as a vegetable since old times. It has a long stalk full of water which branches into leaves.

All stalk, leaves, and hypocotyl are used for human consumption. Leaves are mostly used to add a spicy flavor to the soup or the meal.


Is celery toxic to dogs?

No, Celery is not toxic to dogs though should be consumed in moderation.

Can celery replace dog meal?

No, celery should only be consumed occasional treat to dog.

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