Can dog eat cabbage? Health Benefits

Yes Dog can eat cabbage but in moderation.

Cabbage is one of the healthiest of the vegetable having many healthy benefits. Though it is not so tasty unless you cook it, or may be serve along with mayo or have it in salad.

But some dogs do like the same and it has so many good nutrients that are beneficial to dogs health.

Cabbage helps in digestion, has antioxidants, boosts immune system and also keeps the skin healthy. With so many beneficial properties it also causes gas so you should start slowly in the diet.

Benefits of cabbage to dogs.

  • Cabbages have fiber which if consumed may help in your dog’s digestion.
  • Cabbages are also full of antioxidants which help your dog to stay healthy and reduce your dog’s chances of chronic diseases such as cancer.
  • It also has sulfuric compounds that helps in improving your dog’s coat and fur quality.
  • Vitamins particularly Vitamin C boost dog’s immune system.

Why eat in moderation?

  • Cabbage might be difficult to digest and hence it is recommended to start in small portions.
  • Negative signs may be being gassy (so for your own and your family’s nose start will small portion) and sometimes diarrhea.
  • Raw cabbage has Thiocyanate which if consumed for a prolonged period may meddle with thyroid gland and can create hypothyroidism.

How to feed cabbage to your dog?

It is recommended to start with small portions. May be chop a bit on his meal and observe in the beginning.

It is advised to slightly cook or boil as it helps in digesting the same and remove Thiocyanate which keeps him safe from thyroid problems if consumed for longer period of time.

So for a dog consumption, raw cabbage is fine but should be consumed in moderation but cooked cabbage is best.

So yes your dog can eat cabbage. 🙂 and a Happy dog is Happy You.

Happy Dog

Cabbage is a leafy green, red, or white plant which has lots of nutrients like Vitamin C and Vitamin K packed into it.

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