Can dog eat banana and its peels?

Is it safe for my dog to eat banana? We always have this confusion. Right?

While the short answer is Yes, your dog can eat banana in moderation. Though like any other thing in this world, excess of every thing is bad, so excess of banana would also not be good for your loving pet.

Bananas are available all around the year and is an inexpensive fruit. They can be a healthy choice sometimes as an alternative to the packaged meals.

Why bananas are good for dogs if consumed in moderation?

Well Bananas are a natural source for
1) Potassium
2) Vitamin B6
3) Vitamin C
4) Magnesium
5) Fiber

So few reasons on why consuming banana is good for dog are –
1) Bananas are a natural source of multiple Vitamins and minerals. Veterinarians also sometimes recommend them because they are rich in potassium and low in cholesterol & sodium and hence can replace some of fatty salty foods.
2) They also have good amount of fiber which helps in digestion and in particular is good for gastrointestinal problems.
3) Bananas contain magnesium, too, which helps in growth of bones.

Things to consider

Though bananas are good if eaten in moderation, they can be challenging if taken in excess.
1) As they are high in sugar, it can lead to obesity or diabetes.
2) As they are high in fiber, excessive eating may lead to constipation.

Can dog eat banana Peels?

Banana peels should be avoided for dogs consumption. Though they are not toxic but are really difficult to digest.

How can you make the banana treat for your dog?

There are many ways like a few mentioned below:

  1. Freeze the banana. Peel and slice the same. This could be really refreshing on a summer day.
  2. Just mesh and mix the banana in the dog food.

Note: The views on this post are personal and hence it is always best to take advise from a medical professional for your dog food consumption. They can tell you the right serving based on the breed, age, size etc.