Border Collie Terrier Mix – What you can expect?

As the name suggests, Border Collie Terrier Mix is a designer crossbreed of Border Collie and a Terrier. They are medium-sized dogs who are loyal, smart, and highly energetic.

Both of these breeds are quite different from each other and it is very difficult to predict how the crossbreed would look like or what its temperament would be like.

Border Collies are very smart and independent working dogs whereas Terriers are known for their energy.

Thus you would expect a smart, independent, and highly energetic dog. The degree of this would be dependent on the predominant genes inherited.

This crossbreed is also often called Collie Terrier, Terrier Border Collie mix, or Border Terrier.

Border Collie Terrier Mix Specs

Height17 to 23 inches
Weight25 to 45 pounds
Lifespan10 to 15 years
GroomingModerate to High
TemperamentIntelligent, Loyal, Energetic and Playful
Border Collie Terrier Mix

Border Collie Terrier Mix Appearance

While we may be sure of the physical traits of a Border Collie, other physical traits would be dependent on which terrier is the other parent of this energetic designer crossbreed.


These dogs would be a great companion dog who would be smart and loyal. You would need to keep up with the energy levels with regular exercise and playtime to keep him mentally and physically stimulated.

Being intelligent and independent they would not be easy to train. With the traits of a Collie, they might also try to shepherd the pack. They may have some prey drive as well with the impulse of chasing small animals.

Hence you can avoid them if you have young children at home.


As it is a new designer breed, not much is known about any health issues that this crossbreed can be prone to.

However, the dog parents should be aware of the health issues that the parent dog breeds are prone to.


Border Collies are prone to Epilepsy. This is a neurological disorder that may start with twitching but can be fatal. Vet advise and consulting are required in this.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This is a medical condition of the eye in which the dog slowly loses vision at night and becomes completely blind in two to three years duration.

Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA)

This is a medical condition of eye which is peculiar to border collies. It happens due to mutated ocular chromosome. Symptoms may include sunken eyeballs which can make vision cloudy or lead to complete blindness.


This is a medical condition in which the thyroid hormone production is disrupted. Symptoms may include fatigue, weight loss, or hair loss.

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Border Collie Terrier Mix Care


Both border collies and terrier sheds moderately to high. They have a double coat and hence regular grooming is required.

You would also like to bathe them once in 4 to 6 weeks.


Both Border collie and Terrier dogs are energetic. Border collies were bred as a working dog to herd and Terrier dogs are known to be energetic. Hence you would expect a highly energetic dog.

Be prepared for long walks and enough playtime to physically and mentally stimulate them.


It would both be easy and difficult to train this dog.

As he is intelligent, it would be easy for him to learn the commands that you would want to teach. But at the same time, he is independent and can be obstinate so it would be difficult to make him follow.

Consistent and positive reinforcement training is recommended for him.

Border Collie Terrier Mix

Parent Lineage

Let us have a look at both the parent dog breeds so you can have an idea what physical and temperamental traits can be passed to this designer cross breed.

Border Collie

The border collie was originally developed in the hilly areas between Scotland and England. They are popular for their intense eyes and intelligence. Border collies are considered the most intelligent dog breed in the world.

They were bred to herd the sheep then and is still being used for the same reason in some areas even today.

Border collies are medium sized dogs with an average height of 18 to 22 inches tall and weigh approximately 30 to 45 pounds.

The average lifespan of this dog is 12 to 15 years.

Terrier dogs

Here crossbreeding of border collie can happen with any dog breed of terrier group like Boston Terrier, Rat terrier, Jack Russel Terrier or Wire fox terrier

Terrier breed of dogs are known to be feisty and energetic. These traits remain common among any of the terrier dogs.

Though not much information is known about Border collie terrier mix but we have provided as much information as we could collate on this subject with research and telephonic discussions.

If you have any story or knowledge to share about this border collie terrier mix, please do share in the comments section below.


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