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Blue French Bulldog is an attractive looking dog. They are just like any other French bulldog with the color of the coat as blue. This color of coat is due to genetics. Due to their color, Blue French bulldog are quite popular in French bulldogs.

You should know that AKC and many other leading kennel clubs doesn’t recognize blue frenchies and their is also an ongoing debate if they should be bred as well. This is due to the health issues that they are prone to.

French Bulldogs looks like a small English Bulldog except for their bat like ears for which they are known. They are quite popular across the world and rank 4th most popular dog breed in USA by AKC.

Frenchie are companion dogs love to be in the company of humans. They would happily move one room to another following you. They also suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long.

Blue French Bulldog

History of French Bulldogs

Blue hue in French Bulldogs is a color that is rare and their history is same as of other French Bulldogs. French Bulldogs origin traces to toy breed of English Bulldog in England who were popular with the Lace makers of Nottingham’s city. As the industrial evolution happened, lace makers migrated to France along with toy bulldog.

It is in the countryside of France that French Bulldogs with their bat like ears were created by cross breeding of migrated toy English bulldog with local small dogs of France. They soon became quite popular across France specially among the ladies and were given the name of Bouledogue Francais.

Soon for their bat like ears, excellent adaptability, friendly and mischievous attitude, they became popular across the world as a companion dog.

Below are the statistics of AKC registrations that shows the exponential number of registrations in AKC signifying the recent increase of popularity of French Bulldogs in USA.

French Bulldog popularity
French Bulldog AKC registrations

Blue French Bulldog Personality

As like other Frenchie, blue French Bulldog are small, beautiful and affectionate dogs that love the company of humans. They are happy to sit near your feet for the long hours you work or follow you walking from room to room. They are also prone to suffer from separation anxiety and should not be left alone for more than 3 – 4 hours.

Blue French Bulldogs are intelligent who can be a obstinate at times that can make their training difficult. They are also quite playful who would do well with children as well. They can do things that can make you laugh and are also called as “Clown Dogs”.

Blue French Bulldogs are quite adaptable to the environment they are kept in. They are quiet dogs who don’t bark much. They also do not have much of the exercise needs and couple of short walks daily are enough to keep them healthy.

If you live in an apartment or do not have much space, then a Blue French Bulldog may be the perfect choice for you.

If you are too fond of cleanliness, they are not recommended due to drooling. Also they shed moderately. They are also noisy at night and known for snoring. 🙂

French Blue Dog

Blue French Bulldog Appearance

Blue French Bulldog is same as the normal Frenchie except for the color coat of Blue. They look like small Bull dog with a flat face and bat like ears for which they are known. They have a compact and a muscular body with a single smooth coat and wrinkles on their face.

Blue French Bulldog grow to a height of 11 to 12 inches tall and weigh approximately 20 to 28 pounds. The average lifespan of Blue French Bulldog is 10 to 12 years.

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Blue French Bulldog are prone to obesity. It is recommended to give them high quality food and give the treats in moderation.


Blue French Bulldog shed moderately. Once a week brushing is good for the coat to be clean and magnificent. This would also help build the bonding between the parent and him. It is also recommended to wipe the wrinkles clean so that no dirt is left out which can cause infections.

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Blue Frenchies are lazy dogs. Couple of short walks daily should suffice keeping them healthy.


Blue French bulldogs are intelligent dogs who can be obstinate at times. They are easy to train but need persistent training.

Blue Frenchie


Blue French Bulldogs are prone to many health issues.

Dog Alopecia – A skin disease that is prone to Blue French Bulldog which causes him to have partial or complete hair loss. It can impact endocrine system, lymphatic system, and immune systems as well. The symptoms may not be visible until 4 months to 2 years so care should be taken that you get your blue french bulldog puppy from breeder of repute.

There are many other health issues for which all french Bulldogs are known prone to.

  1. They are flat face known as brachycephalic. These types of dogs are known to have breathing issues known as Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS). The short-nose shape of the French bulldog causes narrow nostrils and breathing difficulties which causes them to snore.
  2. They have a single coat and hence they do not handle the change in temperature well. They should be monitored in hot climate so that they do not over exert themselves.
  3. Skinfold dermatitis
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Conjunctivitis
  6. Ear infections
  7. Long nails

French Bulldogs need surgery for giving birth and mostly can’t do naturally due to their large head. This leads to French Bulldogs being more expensive.

Blue French Bulldog Genetics

The blue color in the French Bulldog is very rare and it is due to a gene known as “Dilution gene”. The black color happens when their is a single gene but if the dog has two copies of this gene, the color coat is Blue.

Unfortunately this gene also causes them to have a skin condition known as Dog Alopecia as discussed above. Though blue is a rare and exotic color but worldwide the clubs do not recognize this color and most of the breeders of repute do not breed Blue French Bulldogs. Check out more about this here –

Interesting facts about Blue French Bulldog

  1. Frenchies cannot breed naturally and breeders have to artificially inseminate. This makes easier to know about the lineage of your pet.
  2. Most of the French Bulldogs babies are born through cesareans sections. This is because they have large heads which makes puppies difficult to pass through naturally at the time of birth.
  3. Frenchies cannot swim, their short legs and stocky bodies do not help them in water.

Pros and Cons of Blue French Bulldog

Low exercise needsProne to many health issues
Don’t bark a lotExpensive to buy
Quite attractive and fun loving companionThey drool a lot

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Are blue French bulldogs healthy?

No they are not considered as a healthy dog breed. They may suffer from Dog Alopecia and many other health issues related to brachycephalic dogs.

Are Frenchies hard to potty train?

While being intelligent they are also obstinate so they are not easy to potty train.

Are Frenchies high maintenance?

They don’t require much grooming and weekly once brushing is sufficient. Though your vet bill may be high as they are prone to health complications.

Can French bulldogs be left alone?

No, French Bulldogs are prone to suffer from separation anxiety. They should not be left alone for more than 3 – 4 hours.

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