German shepherd pug mix | Shug dog – What to expect?


Both German shepherds and pugs are quite popular dogs and hence there is a thought of cross-breeding them to get the best of both the dogs. So what a German Shepherd Pug mix is? German shepherd pug mix is developed by cross-breeding of German Shepherd and Pug. They are medium size dogs who are friendly … Read more

Golden retriever pitbull mix – A detailed guide

Golden retriever pitbull mix

Golden retriever pitbull mix is a cross between bully breed Pitbull and a gentle breed Golden Retriever. They are beautiful, medium to large dogs who are loyal, friendly, and agile. Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the USA for their intelligence and friendly attitude. Pitbulls, on the other hand, are … Read more

Husky pug mix | Pugsky | Is Hug dog right for you?

Husky pug mix

An interesting designer dog breed that is made by crossing Pug with Husky is the Hug Dog. It is also known as Pugsky. Husky pug mix aka Hug Dog is a beautiful crossbreed between two popular dogs pug and husky. They are bred as family dogs and are popular for being affectionate, smart, alert, and … Read more

Polish Dogs breeds – 5 Most popular dogs from Poland

Polish Dogs

Looking for polish dogs’ breeds. Did you know that Poland comes third when it comes to the number of dogs in Europe? 42% of Polish households own at least one dog. Five Polish dog breeds are popular across the world. They are Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Polish Greyhound, Polish Hunting Dog, Polish Hound, and Tatra Shepherd … Read more

Giant Alaskan Malamute – temperament, size, and other facts

Giant Alaskan Malamute

Giant Alaskan malamutes are massive furry dogs with wolf-like looks and weighing upwards of 100 pounds. They differ from normal Alaskan malamutes in their size. Alaskan malamute is a very old dog breed belonging to the Spitz category of dogs which has not changed much in a very long time. Originally bred to pull the … Read more

8 Best dog food for pugs – 2020 review

dog food for pugs

Looking for the best dog food for Pugs. Let us help you with our list of top 8 recommended dog food for pugs and a buying guide to let you know why they are best. Pugs are full of character. Sometimes playful & clownish and sometimes sober & calm. They love to be the center … Read more

7 best brush for Goldendoodle dogs | 2020 review

Best Brush for goldendoodle dogs

Looking for the best brush for goldendoodle dog. Goldendoodle is a very popular designer breed. They are a cross between Poodle and Golden retriever. They have a straight, wavy, or curly coat of about two to three inches with longer hairs on the tail, body, ears, legs, and shorter hairs on head and muzzle. If the … Read more

American white pitbull | Why to love this puppy?

White Pitbull

White pitbull dogs are the most sought after in America among the different pitbull colors. The other recognized colors of pitbull are red, blue, brown, grey, and black. What is a white Pitbull? White Pitbull is like any other Pitbull with the color of their coat as white. They are medium size dogs having a … Read more