Pug vs French bulldog | Detailed guide

French Bulldog vs Pug

Pug vs French Bulldog. Both Pug and French Bulldog are small dogs with subtle differences. Read on this short guide and I would strive my best to make sure you be an expert in making out the differences and easily identify the right breed for you. History of Pug vs French Bulldog Let us look … Read more

Can dogs eat eggshell? Is it safe?

Can dogs eat eggshell

Eggs are one of the nature’s perfect food. In the wild many dogs eat raw eggs with the eggshell with no worries of whether this could be toxic or not. Where as domesticated dogs may not be exposed to the same and we as pet lovers worry whether eggshells are safe to be eaten by … Read more

Do Pugs shed? Are Pugs hypoallergenic?

Do Pugs shed?

Do Pugs shed? Yes, they do. Pugs are heavy shedders who shed profusely throughout the year. Pugs are cute little dogs having distinctive features like wrinkly short muzzle and curly tail. They have a short and shiny coat which is mostly fawn and seldom in black color. They originated in China during the Han dynasty … Read more