Can dogs eat eggshell? Is it safe?

Can dogs eat eggshell

Eggs are one of the nature’s perfect food. In the wild many dogs eat raw eggs with the eggshell with no worries of whether this could be toxic or not. Where as domesticated dogs may not be exposed to the same and we as pet lovers worry whether eggshells are safe to be eaten by … Read more

Can dogs eat Shrimp and its tail?

can dog eat shrimp

Can dogs eat shrimp? Is Shrimp safe for dogs? Yes, dogs can eat shrimp provided it is cooked and if consumed in moderation. Most dogs can eat the human food and shrimp is no exception. Shrimp is one of the scrumptious delicacies that most love to eat and the most popular sea food in United … Read more

Can dog eat cabbage? Health Benefits

Can dog eat cabbage

Yes Dog can eat cabbage but in moderation. Cabbage is one of the healthiest of the vegetable having many healthy benefits. Though it is not so tasty unless you cook it, or may be serve along with mayo or have it in salad. But some dogs do like the same and it has so many … Read more