How to stop dog shedding? Home remedies


Looking for home remedies to stop dog shedding! All dogs shed. Some shed more and some may shed less. It is normal for dogs to shed old hairs and the amount of shedding depends on the breed and health of dogs. This could be difficult for someone who is allergic or to carry your dog … Read more

Best Dogs for Apartment Living in 2020


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30 Dogs that do not shed – Big, medium and small


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Why is my Dog Licking and chewing his Feet?

dog licking feet

It is normal for dogs to lick their feet, though as pet owners, we should be watchful if they are licking their feet excessively. We all know how troublesome it is sometimes to cleanse and bathe our dog. Most of them don’t like bathing as much as we do and they do grooming by licking … Read more